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Please help to stop the slaughter of Fox Cubs


Please help to stop this barbaric practice which starts in August and ends in November each year

In the name of hunting, young fox-cubs are used to train young hounds, in a reduced woodland with little to no chance of escape before being ripped apart by hounds. Should there be any chance of safety for these poor creatures, ‘terrier-men’ are on hand to ensure that they dig out the fox-cub should it manage to go ‘to ground.’ Prior to this practice they block up any underground holes, such as known fox earths or badger setts, to prevent them having a safe place to hide.

Hunt followers surround the woods to ensure that any terrified fox-cubs trying to escape are ‘flushed out’ and scared back into the mouths of the pack of hounds.

We, the 80% of people in the United Kingdom who are against hunting in the United Kingdom, ask you to ensure that the Law is upheld and that this cruel and outdated practice of ‘cubbing’ is consigned to the history books, for ever. There need to be much tighter controls on ensuring that ‘cubbing’ does not take place and strict sanctions for those whom aid and abet it.

As a leading world player we need to make sure that this also extends to us leading the way on animal cruelty. We have stated our support against hunting in South Africa, let us do the same in Great Britain.

PLEASE SIGN TO HELP STOP THE HORRIFIC SLAUGHTER OF YOUNG FOX CUBS. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/476/973/514/ensure-tighter-controls-on-illegal-fox-cub-cubbing/ http://thndr.me/mdwqyH”

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The Story of 16 Fox Cubs Found in a Barn

2 November 2015 YouTube
In May 2015 a League investigation led to the discovery and rescue of 16 fox cubs in a barn, on land linked to the Middleton Foxhounds Hunt.

We believe these fox cubs were kidnapped for cruelty as a ready supply of animals to be chased by the hunt.
This video tells the story of the 16 fox cubs from rescue, rehabilitation and release.

Investigations and rescues like these are only possible thanks to the generosity and support of people like you. Please join us as a member today and together we can make a difference for animals.


With special thanks to Actor and League Vice President Peter Egan for providing the voice over for this film.