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How Vladimir Putin Took Over the World

To create division and dissent where no discord need exist, this is the talent of the destroyers. As the world looks on Syria and an emerging Iran, the larger scope of conflict escapes a multitude.

However convenient it may be to assume Syria or Ukraine, or even some refugee crisis is the causal focus to recent détente failures, we need to divert our attention to the real power play in order to contain the damage being caused. Ukraine as a battleground is all but over, and Syria soon will be too. As for the Republic of Georgia, we’ll soon see the real crucible of West-East transfiguration – how Putin is winning the larger battle.

“Whom do I hate most among the rabble of today? The socialist rabble, the chandala apostles, who undermine the instinct, the pleasure, the worker’s sense of satisfaction with his small existence–who make him envious, who teach him revenge. The source of wrong is never unequal rights but the claim of “equal” rights.” Friedrich Nietzsche

We all know the so-called Cold War never really ended, it is true. However, while many consider America’s theoretical “war on terror” as an acute reaction to a singular event, absolutely nothing could be further from the truth. The terror war is a tool, plain and simple, for instigating the final phases of Cold War II, if you will. Whether or not our reaction to the 9/11 events was plausible or appropriate, is for the historians to determine. 9/11 was however, only a chip in a much bigger game of global domination. Just as accepting China into the World Trade Organization, the Ukraine civil war, the Arab Spring, and Washington’s quest to overthrow Syria’s Assad are singular events, so is the quest for control over all the world’s economies what all war is about. Looking at this grand scope however, our attention is diverted, distracted, even overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the business politic. It is in this maelstrom of information, chaos, and dirty dealings the public gets overwhelmed, and ultimately subdued. Do not be overwhelmed though; let me show you the crucial piece of the West-East conflict.

Right now in the Republic of Georgia vital decisions are being made on many levels. The same can be said in all the capitals of the Caucasus region. In those capitals, it is within the power of the people’s of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and ultimately Iran and Russia to literally win full out, the current conflict and crisis. I know the reader is surprised to read this. I’ll explain further, but suffice it to say Washington, London, Tel Aviv, and Brussels shudder at the insinuation Persia and mother Russia could ever pursue rapprochement.

“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.” Mahatma Gandhi

The US’s involvement in the highly publicized Russia-Georgia conflict is fairly well known now. Even as I type this, agents of the CIA and other clandestine entities operate in wildfire energy business dealings within Georgia, as well as leveraging politicians and other leaders there dramatically. Not many reading this will have made the geographic connection in between these nations and unimaginable energy wealth, let along the historic significance of the Caucasus and her peoples. The map provided should remedy any geo-strategic confusion. Georgia and these other nations are the bridge in between Russia and Persia, as the United States and the other Western nations have so effectively eliminated Afghanistan and Iraq, via America’s most recent police actions. It is well known that fully one half the world’s remaining supply of natural gas lies beneath the feet of Russians and Iranians. What’s more, still more untapped energy resource has just been announced underneath Georgian feet. In fact, the 135 trillion cubic feet of reserves just discovered by Fontera, it’s the sixth largest deposit ever discovered.


In order to consolidate my energy-policy amalgamation here, please consider the “coincidences” which align Ukraine, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Africa, and now Syria. Gas, more gas and money, banks and business, economic wealth and prosperity than the normal human being can conjure in the mind. Hundreds of trillions, this is not a number that overstretches the magnitude of this power play. Right here it’s significant to take note of Georgia as a future supply, as well as a gas transient hub to Europe. It’s no coincidence that former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili is now a Ukraine citizen and the key man in Odessa. This is the same president many contend is a criminal pawn of the CIA play on the Caucasus nations, and the same Odessa where right-wing fanatics first massacred pro-Russia protesters, and now wield a heavy hand on citizens. We recently spelled out the Ukraine gas ring including plays from the likes of Dutch Royal Shell and the Rothschild bankers, but the “Georgia” piece of this Cold War II puzzle is by far more interesting, and more dramatic.

Nazis cheered by the likes of Obama and John McCain in Odessa, on a tight leash by a Georgian stooge and killer, this aspect of the recent holocaust is sickening, to be sure. However low this game seems to sink though, continued news of Georgians played as pawns bodes far worse misdeeds to come. NEO’s report on Saakashvili plans for a coup in Tbilisi spell suffering and more catastrophe for a people who rightfully should become rich beyond their wildest dreams when their resources pan out. But there’s more.

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